Sunday, December 2, 2012

20 Miles and a Trail Run...

#RWrunstreak still alive, total run streak = 13 days.

My friend Patti is training to run the Disney Marathon in January. She had a 20 mile run on her schedule this weekend. Rochelle and I made a plan to meet her and run with her.

I haven't run 20 miles since I ran the Memorial Marathon in 2011, so I figured I would run as long as my mind and my legs were in agreement. We meet at Patti's house at 6:15 am and ran the four miles to OK Runner to meet the group.

We discovered in the first four miles that we were overdressed in our long sleeved shirts, good thing we were meeting at my favorite running store. After a costume change we headed out on a 12 mile loop around campus. I had a Garmin fail at the first water stop when I stopped my Garmin instead of using my auto pause. When we started up again I forgot to start my watch for almost a mile and a half.

It was pretty windy out but the weather was pretty amazing for December 1st. I didn't think I would be running in capris and a tank top in December. We finished up the loop and made it back to the store, got a little water and fuel and headed back out for the four mile run back to Patti's house.

It was a great day, and a real confidence booster for me. Coming back from injury, this distance seemed so far off for me. Total running time was around three hours and I even felt pretty strong in the last few miles. I got to finish with a smile on my face.

After a stop for some Gatorade with protein and two bags of ice I headed home and straight into an ice bath.

I am really loving the ice baths, I stayed in for about thirty minutes and I really thinker it helped with my recovery. I was on my feet for most of the rest of the day.

Today was the Dirty Bird Trail Run and Chili Cook-Off. I made a plan to meet Ro and Kim to do the 10k trail run.

We took off and after about a mile or so Kim and I dropped back a little. Our plan was to just have fun and walk when we needed to. My tired legs weren't too uncooperative. We meet back up with Tim at the water stop and we just chatted and ran and walked our way to the finish line.

The finish line had chili (even vegetarian) and beer. We hung out for a while and visited with friends and took come pictures...

My favorite race director, Dave, who also provided the beer.

Julie, Kim, Tim, me and Ro. It takes a lot to get a picture with this group. The guy taking the pic for us was good enough to get candid shots of the group assembling.

After a few more pics, two beers, and some veggie chili I was headed back to the house covered in dirt.

The weekend ended with hot yoga and The Amazing Race with Josh and the girls. Not a bad two days of running. Maybe there will be a marathon in Galveston after all.


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