Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Latest Speed-bump...

I should have known after my longest run in months last Saturday that I should not have said anything about how great I felt. 

I even got a good seven mile run with some of my favorite running friends Thursday morning. By about 10:30 I was feeling horrible and ended up leaving work. I thought I would be ok with a little rest before the softball game and the orchestra concert. 

I still felt horrible and missed the game, but sucked it up and went to the orchestra concert. 

Camy looking very serious!  They did so well. 

Afterwards I got a couple pictures of the girls and their friends. 

Carson and Cassidy. 

Camy and Elizabeth. Camy did not want her picture taken, but then she posed for one with Elizabeth's mom. 

Josh and the girls went to dinner after with his dad. I had them drop me off at the house and was in bed at 8. I slept horribly and finally decided to go to work and called my doctor on my way to the office. 

They worked me in at 11 and since Dr. Stout suspected it was my appendix he ordered a CT scan. I headed back to work to wait for them to call with the appointment and headed up to Mercy at 1:30. I got all checked in and they made me drink 1,000 ml of something that tasted like lemonade. 

I had to pee three times before they actually did the scan. First time for a CT scan, they tell you to hold your breath, just like a mammogram. Less boob smashing though. 

They immediately had the radiologist look at the scan and determined appendicitis. I was then sent to the ER to be admitted. 

This picture was before they gave me an antibiotic and pain meds that almost immediately had hives all over my face. So then it was 50mg of Benadryl in my IV and new antibiotics, which were followed by so crazy jitters. 

They sent me to surgery and it turns out I had a very sick appendix. It's gone now but they gave me some nice pictures of it. Lol. 

I didn't sleep well last night with all the checking of my vitals, getting up to go to the bathroom and having blood drawn. Now I am waiting to find out if they are going to let me eat anything. I am officially starving. 

I don't know if they are sending me home today or not. Guess I will know more when I get to see my doctor. 

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