Friday, July 10, 2009


So I forgot to post about my first cycling class yesterday. It was a killer, I really felt like I worked hard. It was nice to not have my knees bother me afterwards too. My butt was a little sore from the seat!

Today it was trekking, and Brooks was filling in for Lori the regular instructor for Friday mornings. Seriously, who can run at 18 clicks over their set (which for me put put me at 6.8) and he had us running at 10% incline! I thought I would die. On a positive note, I did burn 470 calories and went 3.7 miles! Yeah!

So tonight starts the trek to get the girls to West Virginia for the week. We are heading to Tulsa tonight to stay at Gammy and Pop's house and then it'll be on to Mt. Vernon, IL tomorrow. They are excited about the indoor pool at the hotel.

Fingers crossed that Carson's stress level isn't too bad. She was worried last night, but after the 15 minutes of worry time we spend on it she seemed better. We packed her worry book just in case!

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