Monday, July 13, 2009

West Virginia...

So I drove the kiddos to meet my aunt in Mt. Vernon, Il Saturday so they could go spend the week in West Virginia. We drove to Tulsa Friday night to crash with the in-laws so that took over 100 miles off the trip on Saturday.

Got to the hotel early and the girls got to swim before we ate dinner in the hotel restaurant where Cars threw a huge fit about how she was gonna miss me when they were gone. She was much better after we were done and even apologized after we went swimming later. They both acted like I couldn't leave fast enough on Sunday morning.

Mate it home in just over 8.5 hours, with only a 20 minute stop in Springfield, and some horrible rain after I got through St. Louis. Got home, made dinner and pretty much went to bed.

Forced myself to get out of bed to go run for 25 minutes, as per my triathlon training guide. We have no food in the house now, and I am so tired...

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