Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday

In the car, on the way to school this morning, the girls were excited about how today was going to be Music Monday.  They both definitely have a love for music, they love the days they have music in school.  Last year, in fourth grade, they got to learn to play the recorder, and will pick that up again in the spring. 

We did Concert Chorus last year and are both doing that again this year.  So on most Wednesdays and Fridays you can find them at school at 6:55 am getting ready for their winter or spring performances and mini-tours.  They especially love that they get to have donut parties in September and January and they get to go to Perfect Swing after the mini-tours.  Ulterior motives aren't a bad thing.

Carson started piano last December and after a short break for the summer will get that started up again tonight.  Her teacher, Ms. Shirley, is wonderful.  We had a couple weeks delay in the start of her lessons, Ms. Shirley's husband of 57 years got sick recently and we learned yesterday that he had passed away earlier this month.  So sad.  When we talked yesterday she said that she was very glad to be seeing her students and teaching again.

In 5th grade, in Norman, everyone has the opportunity to join the orchestra.  We didn't think that the girls were interested in this, but it turns out that Camy was.  We went last week and officially rented-to-own her very own violin.  She was very excited to lug it to school with her stand, book and everything else this morning.  She will have rehearsals Monday thru Thursdays during spelling time.  Carson was not interested because she didn't want to miss spelling.

So it's Music Monday at the Craig house.  I, as always, have my ipod going at work, with headphones to eliminate distractions.  I love love love music!  Right now I'm listening to a little Dixie Chicks (I was listening to The Courtyard Hounds earlier), and it makes me wish for a new album.  What are you listening to today?

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