Monday, March 21, 2011

Meatless Monday...

This is something everyone should read.

It's funny the opinions and comments you get when you tell people that you don't eat meat.  It's also funny how people think that I am not allowed to eat meat.  Vegetarianism is a choice, I choose to not eat meat, but I am still allowed to if I choose.  I choose to not eat shellfish also, but I can eat it if I choose to. 

My workout from Saturday:
16 mile long run, 2 hours 33 minutes.  What a great run, after the disaster 16 miles was the last time, this time it was awesome!  Great weather, great route, great friends.

My workout from today:
3 easy miles in 30 minutes.  I love Monday morning easy running!  I'll be trekking tonight for another 5 miles or so.

Happy Monday!

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