Friday, March 18, 2011

You Want Me ToDo What?

First of all, I think I'll start logging my workouts here.  I'd like to be more accountable, so here goes.

Friday workout: nothing, slept in.  In my defense, I have a 16 mile run in the morning and Friday is a rest day.  Also, my shoulders are super sore from the upper body/ab workout I did yesterday.

So on to other things.  Let me start off by saying, that I am a HUGE fan of our local Y.  We have been members since my 10 and a half year olds were about 2.

Before last year, I would just go there, workout and go home.  Last year, I got mixed up in this great group of people, and they made me a better runner, and now going to the Y is as much social as it is about working out.

I am training for the Memorial Marathon, and I have signed on to be a volunteer with the training program.  Essentially that meant that I committed to running the full, and going out each Saturday and training for it.  I am still not sure how it all happened, but here we are.  I am an official volunteer, I had to fill out paperwork and everything.  The plus side is that they did pay my $100 registration fee for the full.

It's spring break this week, well for mostly everyone but me.  Tommy, the guy that leads up our running group and teaches some trekking classes at the Y has been off skiing, and his trekking class on Wednesday didn't have an instructor.  I got an email on Monday asking if I would be interested in filling in.  I'm not gonna lie, the thought of teaching a trekking class scared the crap out of me.  What would we do?  Would I just stand in front of the treadmills and shout at everyone?  I saw it as an opportunity to get an extra workout in, provided the class wasn't too full, and decided to face my fear and go for it.

With some help from Tommy, who sent me a lovely workout that I printed out and followed pretty closely, I took a deep breath and just did it.  I got lucky, there was an open treadmill, so I didn't just have to stand there giving commands, I got to do the workout I was leading.  Let me just say that shouting commands, paying attention to the minutes, intervals, speeds and incline, all while running at a minimum of 6.0 on a treadmill is not so easy.  I did get a good 5.75 miles in, and I don't think the women in the class hated it.  I got some good feedback after it was over.  Maybe they'll let me do it again sometime.

Not sure if it was the trekking class, the easy 3 miles Kendra and I ran that morning, or the cross training class I helped lead after the trekking class, but I was completely worn out on Wednesday.  10.5 miles is alot to fit in on a work day.  I went home, was in bed by 9 and slept until my alarm went off at 5 am on Thursday.

I got a nice shoulder, arm and ab workout in with Abby and Kendra yesterday that I am definitely feeling today.  I slept in this morning, as I mentioned above, and I am going to give 16 miles another to tomorrow.  I want to throw up just thinking about running 16 after the disaster the last 16 mile run was.  But I am thinking positively, we are picking a route full of flatness and sidewalks, and I am considering breaking out the knee brace for my right knee for a little extra support.  Weather should be nice, so it should be a great morning.

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