Friday, March 25, 2011

Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned...

So today is a rest day for me, as is tomorrow.  Since we are heading down to Dallas tomorrow for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

Instead of heading to the gym this morning, I got up with the intention of decorating the five dozen sugar cookies I whipped up last night before dinner with a couple of friends.  All didn't go as planned.  I don't know what my problem was this morning, but I screwed up two, yes TWO, batches of royal icing for the cookies.

For some reason I thought I should only do half of the recipe, but I put the same amount of powdered sugar in as I would for the whole recipe.  I was hoping to make black and white cookies, but the second batch of frosting that I attempted to make black, didn't turn out so black.  (Note to self, research black icing.)   I tried piping with the first batch, but the consistency seemed all wrong.

Then it hit me, too much powdered sugar!  Duh!  No wonder it wasn't working.  So I pitched the two bad batches, and started all over.  I now have one perfect batch waiting for my in my fridge, so I can get all of the cookies decorated tonight when I get home.

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