Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock N Roll Results...

I will have pictures to post, once Abby and Kim get them posted on Facebook and I can steal them, but I just saw my official results.  It was a great run, and while I am pretty sore today, it was well worth it.  Abby and I finished about 30 seconds apart, as she took off from me in the last half mile.  I had no gas left, but when I saw that the official time was right at 2 hours I did pick it up right at the finish.  My gun time was 2:00:06. 

Here are my results:
10 mile--1:26:19

So I bested my previous half by 23 minutes and 5 seconds.  Seriously, what the heck was I doing in Tulsa?  Clearly I was not running with Abby, my ten years younger than me, bad ass running buddy.

In my age group, I finished 126 out of 1,339.  Nice to be in the top 10%.

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