Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney Cruise Day 1...

This is the first of multiple posts about our vacation. When we started on the Dave Ramsey Plan we promised the girls that when we got all our bills paid off, except the house, we would take a real family vacation.
I contacted the travel agent in January and I couldn't believe it was finally time to go. The posts will have lots and lots of photos. Here we go...
We picked the girls up from school on Friday and headed to Galveston. We left Norman a little after four and were hoping to make it to Josh's cousin's house around midnight.

We stopped and got snacks...

And we stopped and got some dinner...

I haven't eaten at Sonic in ages, it wasn't as good as I remember it.

We made it to Galveston a little after midnight and went straight to bed. We knew we would have the morning to hang out with Josh's cousin's family and we wanted to see the beach.

We ended up helping Violet and her Green Team clean up the beach. We found some interesting trash, including a water bottle full of pee and many cigarette butts.

We did get some pictures...

After heading back to the house we loaded up our studs and headed to the boat. I was a little surprised at how exciting it was to see the boat for the first time. After dropping off our luggage, making it through security, and getting checked in, we had a little wait before we could board.

We couldn't go to our room yet so we went in search of food. Afterwards we found our room and found that my luggage was the only one there. I got all unpacked and then we went exploring. We checked out the tween club, found some pizza and self serve frozen yogurt and then made it back to our room where Josh and the girls got unpacked and then we got to participate in the safety drill.

We had a wonderful dinner, and even caught Toy Story3 in 3D.

Afterwards we were all exhausted and were ready to get some sleep. The girls loved that we had a towel animal and chocolates waiting for us.

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