Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Disney Cruise Day 4...

My recap of events on our vacation are pretty slow in coming. You can read about days one, two and three if you missed them.

I had high hopes for getting up and getting a run in early. I was up before 7, and got to feel when they were dropping the anchor off Grand Cayman. We are at the back of the boat, I can't imagine how loud it would have been in the front.

When I got up to Deck 4 I was disappointed to see that they had the track blocked off at the front of the boat. I guess when you are dropping anchor they don't want people running through the area. I headed to the fitness center and had a view of Grand Cayman while I was on the treadmill. My three miles weren't too brutal with the view.

We hit the buffet for breakfast, I just love having someone else to make my eggs for me. We fueled up and headed back to our cabin to get ready to go ashore.

We had signed up to go to Seven Mile Beach for the afternoon. Grand Cayman is our only stop that we had to take a boat to shore.

Apparently, they don't want to disturbs the choral reef, that reef seemed to prevent big waves at the beach we went to.

Even without the waves the beach was beautiful. The water was crystal clear, and the beach was beautiful white sand.

We spent a small fortune on a bucket of Heineken, and some fried foods from the bar. I got too much sun, got a little tipsy on the bucket of beer, and then packed it up and headed back to the boat.

We even saw a real pirate ship on the way back to our boat.

We got checked back in on the boat, got through the medal detectors and headed back to our cabin to clean up. Carson was the only one that got a nap, the rest of us watched a little tv. We had already planned to go to the buffet for dinner so we took out time getting ready.

It's pirate night, and we didn't bring any pirate gear. The buffet was a sit down dinner tonight, which kinda bummed us out. I would have pictures if I had actually taken my camera to dinner. The rum soaked chocolate cake i got for dessert was amazing. Camy was not impressed though. Because my kids have to have self serve ice cream before and after every meal, we got cones after dinner.

Now we are hanging out in our room and it will probably be an early night. They are supposed to have fire works later but I am worn out from the sun and might not be able to stay up that late.

Tomorrow we will be in Costa Maya.


  1. thanks for sharing..

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