Monday, October 1, 2012

September Foodie Pen Pals...

For September Foodie Penpals I got to send a box to Chelsea at Yasha's Crazy Life. I was super excited to learn that Chelsea is a pseudo-vegetarian (her words), and I got to send her some of my favorite things.

I got a box from Candice at The Retired Athlete. I checked out her blog and saw that she is a pescatarian, she is a vegetarian that eats fish. What are the chances that I get to send a box to someone that considers herself a pseudo-vegetarian that is also a runner, and I get a box from a pescatarian that also is a runner and swimmer? Well, in the world of Foodie Pen Pals, apparently it's pretty good.

I love getting my package each month.

Looks like a box full of yumminess.

What runner doesn't love Cliff bars and Larabars?

The best thing in the box?

These little nuggets of awesomeness were gone in minutes. Seriously makes me want to move to a city that has a Trader Joes.

I have never had dried mango before, but these are very tasty. I'd like to repeat the previous statement about a city that has a Trader Joes. There was also this...

I think this would go well on some homemade English muffins.

I'm gonna take a break from Foodie Penpals in October. It'll just be too hard with vacation. I do look forward to getting back in in November.


  1. Those pecan clusters are to die for - I did a review on my page about a month ago on those just because they are THAT good!!! Congrats on a wonderful package!!

  2. Oh my! Those Tahitian Vanilla Caramels look amazing! I've never seen them at my local TJ's, but it looks like I'm going to have to scout them out! Congrats on getting an awesome box!

    1. I wish I lived closer to a TJ's so I could get more of them. So good!