Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney Cruise Day 2...

If you missed day one,you can find it here. I tried to type up my posts each day so I wouldn't forget anything.

After a great night of sleep, I got up a little late and went for a short run. It was a little after 7, which was really too late, but I got 9 laps on deck 4 for three miles in under 26 minutes. Apparently my Garmin doesn't work well in the Gulf of Mexico because it said I did over 7 miles. Even my speediest of friends couldn't manage that. The deck where the track is is pretty nice. It's a little enclosed in the front and back of the boat which made it a little warm, and then I could run one side with the wind and the other side against it.

We headed up to the buffet for breakfast, which was yummy. We got some good pictures, of course.

Afterwards we did a little shopping and then headed up to the pool.

When it got a little stormy we headed in.

We went and played a little Jenga and waited for some Disney trivia, where we realized we suck at Disney trivia. Do you know how many trinkets Ariel had, or which hand Captain Hook was missing? Well those are just a couple that we did not know.

Afterwards, there was more food. We had lunch at the buffet and then I was ready for a nap. Josh and the girls went and did some exploring.

It was still rainy and dreary outside, so we went to see The Avengers. The movie theater was packed. Dinner was formal tonight, so we all got dressed up.

We ate at the second of the three restaurants on the ship, Animator's Palate. Carson had the chicken strips she had last night, Camy and Josh had steak, and I had veggie lasagna. The best part of every meal on the Disney Cruise is the dessert.

We went to see the live show, it was a re-imagined version of the happily ever after of Cinderella. Carson and I have called it a night and are relaxing in our cabin, Josh and Camy have gone to check out some karaoke. There is no worry of us missing anything real entertaining, Josh hasn't drank enough to want to do any singing.

Our towel origami tonight was an elephant.

Carson is determined to have them use her sunglasses tomorrow.

We have another full day at sea tomorrow, and I am hoping there will be no more storms. Apparently, the ones we were in today were too big to be avoided. It's a good thing there is so much to do inside.

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