Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIAW Non Racing Edition...

My WIAW post this week is about the first weekend in September that I didn't have a race on my schedule. Because it was feeling like fall and we are on a mission to get rid of all perishable foods in our pantry by the end of next week, I decided to make one of my favorite recipes last night.

Chipotle-Spiced Sweet Potato Chili from the Tasty Kitchen blog. What can be better than smokey sweet potatoes with black beans and corn. It's perfect for cooler temps and the leftovers will last for another few days.
Not sure if this was the best dinner to fuel a long run this morning, but it was really good.

I got up bright and early this morning to meet at 6 for my run, after a banana that was a little more ripe than I would have liked I headed out. After 7.5 miles, the last 3/4 mile was getting more rainy, I headed home. I was a little chilled so I made this.

Tazo Zen green tea and some leftover pumpkin bread.

A little later I was getting really hungry so I made a sandwich with two egg whites, chia seeds, tomatoes and fontina cheese on wheat bread. I had a second glass of tea with it.

Lunch was leftover chili. Really it's even better the second day.

For dinner we meet my family at Shogun for my sister's 40th birthday. We have quite a history with Shogun, we have celebrated many birthdays and anniversaries there over the years. Josh and I even had our rehearsal dinner there.

I went with the vegetarian dinner. Lots of yummy veggies, and lots of leftovers for tomorrow.

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