Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Cow!

So I had planned to meet some running friends this morning for a short 3 mile run outside.  Yesterday the prospect of the temps being in the 50s seemed very exciting.  With all the record breaking freezing temps and snow of the last two weeks here in Oklahoma, 50s seemed like heaven.

You can imagine my surprise this morning when I got up and checked the temp on my iPhone and it said 61 degrees!  61 degrees?  That's almost bathing suit weather in comparison to what we have been suffering through for the last few weeks.

I do still live in Oklahoma so it was pretty windy out, but in my running capris and my long sleeve shirt I actually got a little hot.  The winds were pretty strong, but I'll take a little wind over temps that are 30 and below.  It's so nice to have run outside twice already this week.

Now I get to take it easy and rest up for the race on Saturday.  I seem to get knots in my stomach whenever I think about it.  It's only 3.1 miles, and I did 13 last Saturday.  Tommy have tasked with running it at about a 8:30 pace, which is kinda freaking me out.  I remember not too long ago when 3.1 miles wasn't something I could run continuously.  My how things have changed!

Happy Thursday, and if you can get out there with this beautiful weather today, I would highly recommend it!

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