Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Race this Weekend...

So I ended up not running the Sooner State Games trail run last weekend.  After all the snow, and having to run inside the weekend before, my body was really wanting to run outside, but it also needed to get some serious miles in.  The fact that I don't like mud, was also a factor, and from what I hear I made a good choice for me.  I hear the trails were muddy and wet.  So maybe I'll give it a try next year, or later this year when all the ticks have died out!

Had a great training run on Saturday, we did EXACTLY 13 miles, and which is .1 short of an official half, but I was ready to be done and my Garmin said 13 so I stopped.  We finished in 2:05, which is over 11 minutes faster than the Route 66 half in November.  Not sure where that speed came from, I keep saying that I am trying to keep up with Abby, but she claims I was setting the pace.  After about 11 miles I had to consciously think about my form, I could feel my body wanting to break down, but I stuck with it and it was a great run.  Makes me very excited for the Rock N Roll next month.

My legs did feel like they had been run over by a truck though, and when Kendra and I ran a short three outside (Yeah!) on Monday morning, I was surprised that my legs would even move after doing nothing all day Sunday.

So now, Kim has me signed up for the Heart for Haiti 5K in Norman this Saturday.  Our training was only supposed to be a short 4 miles, so why not run a race.  But then I started to think about it and it's been three months since the half, and a full 133 days since my last 5K.  Holy smokes!  133 days since the RFTC?  I ran my fastest 5K ever then, and I am wondering if I should call it a day and not run another 5K so I can say that the 26:19 is my best.  Can I run faster than that?  I have no idea.  Can I run slower than that?  You betcha!  I guess we'll see what happens.  After the unseasonable highs we get to have this week after the all time lowest temps in Oklahoma we had last week it should be a great morning for a race.

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