Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is It WIAW Already...

It's Wednesday again, so that means it's time for another WIAW post.

Let's talk about eats. I am sure you don't need another picture of an avocado & egg salad sandwich I have been eating for weeks. I temporarily trade it for this the end of last week.

Two egg whites, American cheese and strawberry jam on wheat bread. Who would have thought? So good.

I picked up a few of these at Target, and they are super tasty! I am a big fan of key lime.

When I baked up these Black Bean & Sweet Potato Flautas on Monday night, they didn't look this fabulous, but they sure tasted good. I love the combination of black beans and sweet potatoes.

Last night after Camy's end of the year orchestra concert we went out for Mexican food at Tarahumara's. I don't eat shrimp very often {I love it but it doesn't agree with my cholesterol level} but I went with the shrimp fajitas. Of course I went with the spicy shrimp. Good food and good company.
I had all kinds of fruit this morning. Not pictured: banana, apple and the watermelon I had with my lunch. There was also some dried mango in there somewhere.

I was thinking ahead and made some tortellini pasta salad on Monday so we had this for dinner tonight. Yummy! I marinated the tomatoes overnight with pesto, and they were so good.

More watermelon afterwards, so good.

So it was a good week, with some good new eats.


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