Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Talk About the Memorial...

I have spent the last week going over and over last Sunday's Memorial half marathon. I am very conflicted on how I feel about this race. First of all, it was a great day. After a horrible night's sleep I was up at an inhuman hour, 4 am, and I picked up Rochelle and we meet Laura and headed downtown.

I think I have mentioned before the benefits of a hometown race, sleeping in your own bed, being able to cook your pre-race meal, not having to worry about forgetting to pack your gear. The best part about the Memorial is that the race start is only a couple blocks from my office, and the finish line is right in front of our building. Free parking, real bathrooms, and a dry place to wait out a rain delay being the biggest advantages.

We got to my office before 5:30, so we had plenty of time to take pre race pictures.

Rochelle and I. Seriously love the pink OK Runner tanks.

Laura went with the purple tank. It was so cute also!

Rochelle, Laura, Kim and I.

We headed over tothe race start at about 6. There was time for more pictures before the 171 seconds of silence.

Self portrait in corral B.


The sea of people ahead of us.

There was quite a bit of traffice at the start. We kept our pace pretty conservative as we weaved in and out of people. It was a fantastic day for a race. We chatted a bit ad settled in. We saw some friends out on the course and even saw some friends our cheering. Another plus for a hometown race.

I was okay for the first 8-ish miles. At that point Rochelle and Laura pulled away from me and the wheels just fell off. It was hot, and sunny and I think the weather got to me a bit. The stretch of the race along Classen (where I got hailed on during the marathon two years ago) was very difficult. I felt a little light headed and I drank as much water and Gatorade as I could at each water stop. I also walked under every set of misters I could find.

My calves and hamstrings were on the verge of cramping quite a bit of the time. I tried to run as much as I could, but I also walked quite a bit. I spent the final three miles or so with my sister Jen, who was struggling as much as I was. I did pick it up and ran most of the last mile. There were quite a few more people out near the finish than two years ago, which was nice.

I got a picture of Jen and I after we crossed the finish line.

My results were not anywhere near what I was hoping for.

It is no so much the time that I was so disappointed with on Sunday. I am struggling with feeling like I just gave up on it in the end. I hit a wall and I just wasn't able to push through it. I'm not sure when I became this type of runner. I used to be able to push through when it got hard, but my last few races, Route 66, and Cowtown the wheels just seem to come off in the end. I am struggling with feeling like I have given up all three times.

There are alot of factors that go into race day, and it doesn't always come together. It just feels like a really long time since I had a race where I finished strong. I guess this is why there is always another race. I will have another chance to have it all come together. Now I just have to put in the work and pick another race. They won't always end in a PR, but I am going to work hard to conquer the mental aspects of race day.

Even with the disappointments it was a great day. There were more pictures at the finish line.

Laura and I didn't plan to weare matching super cute Lululemon running skirts.

Ro, Laura, Kim and I with our medals at the finish line.

Ro, Laura and I hung around and watched some friends finish.

Lauren and Kara after their relay Team Tracy finished.

I got home and was exhausted. That 4 am wake up call really began to hit me. I was staring! I ate and then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to stay awake. I made it until 8 o'clock before I couldn't stay awake anymore. Overall it was a beautiful day and I am so glad I got to spend it with some of the best people I know. There will be another race day, I look forward to it.


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