Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIAW & Missing My Mom...

My blogging had been very consistent at the start of the year, but it seems the last month or so I have had a hard time finding the words. I do seem to be able to come back with a WIAW post each week. It seems that even when I am without words I usually seem to have pictures of food on my phone.

So we will start there.

Wow, I am pretty shocked at the lack of food pictures on my phone this week. Clearly I have been slacking, or eating the same old boring things I eat most weeks. If it ain't broke...

The girls had a slumber party Friday night so I picked this Ben & Jerry's flavor up when I hit the grocery store Friday night. Talk about the exciting live, grocery shopping on a Friday night. While this was not my all time favorite B&J's flavor it was very tasty. {You must try the Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream.}
Leftovers for dinner tonight. Chickpea tacos with corn, becasue more veggies are always better, cheese and avocado. My new avocado addiction is kinda out of control at the moment.
This picture is not from this week, but for the past month or so I have had one similar to this for breakfast almost every day. Hard boiled egg & avocado salad sandwich. I have not been hungry in the mornings, which is probably why I continue to eat this delicious sandwich every day. Try it out, you won't regret it. Add a little may and Chia seeds, and a little salt & pepper. Yum.

May 8th always seems to be a sad day for me. It feels like I have lived an eternity without my mom, this May 8th is thirty-two years that she's been gone. She died of inflammatory breast cancer in 1981, a very rare and deadly form of cancer. I am still planning to raise money for breast cancer at some point this year.

Other than that I have no words...


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