Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIAW Race Weekend...

It's Wednsday again, which means another WIAW post.

The only thing about a race weekend, is I hate waiting to run on Sundays. I know, I know, it's all about the race expo and to have an expo the race has to be on Sunday. On Saturday I slept in and when the girls got up we decided to make pancakes for brunch.

I'm not gonna lie, I ate every single one of them.

We considered going out for pasta Saturday night, but we decided to be lazy and do our carb loading at home. Spaghetti with red sauce, parmasean cheese and garlic bread on the side.

Post race food at the finish line left quite a bit to be desired. I had part of a plain bagel, a couple of cookies, chocolate milk and two bottles of water. After hanging around to watch some of our friends finish, we headed home and I was starving.

Fake chicken nuggets, some cheese, a pickle and some ruffles. Later I had some pistachios, and tried really hard to not fall asleep. We ended up having takeout from O Asian Fusion for dinner. Spicy garlic veggies with fried rice, spring roll ad crab rangoon.

So there were my race weekend eats. Pretty yummy.

I also had a plate full of green veggies last night. Roasted sweet potatoes, mushrooms and pineapple over quinoa with roasted broccoli and Brussels sprouts on the side. The perfect post yoga meal.

I still haven't talked about the actual race. I have been having a hard time digesting it all. In short it was a great day, lots of fun with some very good friends, but a pretty disappointing race for me.

I will get it all out in another day or so.


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