Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time For Music...

On May 2nd, Camy was going to an orchestra competition in Enid. I decided to take the day off work to go watch the perform. Carson was very sad that she wasn't going to be able to see her friends perform, and when I was telling a friend about it she suggested I take her out of school for the day to go with me.

It's funny, my parents would never have taken me out of school for a day of fun, and I never ditched school a day in my life. I am not a rule breaker. So we took Carson out of school and we meet the bus at the school.

Carson did some reading n the car.
This was the view the entire way to Enid.
Lots of wild flowers along theside of the road.
The kids were disappointed that the weather was cold and rainy and they didn't get to go to the carnival at the mall in Enid, Camy's techer said this was the first time the weather had ever been this bad in May that the kids didn't get to go. They went to the mall instead, who knew there was a mall in Enid, and had lunch and wasted a little time.
The girls with their crazy friends.
The contest was at The Knox Building, it was very impressive and according to some information I found, it could be haunted.
Carson and I got to watch them warm up and get ready for the judges to come back from their lunch break. I was very impressed.
Afterwards, we headed home. They didn't find out until the next day that they got all Superior scores for their performance. Their end of the year performance is coming up on Tuesday and then Camy will be an 8th grader in the 7th and 8th grade orchestra. My how time flies!



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