Thursday, June 13, 2013


I was excited to be able to run, after my two weeks off, on my birthday Tuesday. 

Sarah, Rochelle and Anne  all agreed to meet me for my birthday run. And they let me take their picture. 

Looks pretty dark out. Can I just say that true friendship is when your stay-at-home mom and teacher friends will still meet you at 5:15 am in the summertime to run. How did I get so lucky?  Might not be me though, might be the Oklahoma heat. 

So we ran, to Target and back, which is just under 4.4 miles, which happens to be my shortest weekday run in AGES. Man do I feel like a wimp. 

I threw in an extra walk break while everyone ran on, but they came back to meet me when they ran past a car that appeared to be broken down on a less traveled road that takes us back to the Y. They wanted to avoid a Ted Bundy-like situation as it all looked a little suspicious. Might have been the lighting. 

Even a less than spectacular run is still a good birthday run when you have been sidelined for a couple weeks following a month of absolutely horrible running. 

I did get to try out my compression shorts, or running Spanks as I like to call them. 

Sure wish they made me look like the girl in the picture, but sadly they aren't that flattering on me. It's gonna take some getting used to wearing them under my running shorts. 

I had a very in eventful day at work, until the girls in my office gave me some amazing treats for my big day. 

In case you were wondering, yes these were all eaten on Tuesday. I didn't share one truffle or the cupcake, but I shared the other three with the girls and with Josh. 

Camy had a softball game, so we spent some time at the ball field. I felt bad that we chose our spot based on the amount of shade more than the amount of the girls we could see. It has been damn hot. With the shade and the wind it was very nice. 

I will talk more about softball in my next post. It has been an exciting couple of weeks. 

So happy birthday to me. One more year in my current age group and then I will get an extra 5 minutes on my BQ time. I'm still thinking I will be 80 before I can take that race off my bucket list. 

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