Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frozen Yogurt...

The Tweens had an appointment at the dermatologist this afternoon so I thought we would check out a new frozen yogurt place that we have driven past quite a few times. 

Our first trip to Earth Fruits Yogurt was a roaring success. 

I got a little dark chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel pretzel and something with Greek and fruit. 

Don't tell Cherry Berry but there might be a new froyo place on the top of my list. It was quite a bit cheaper (Josh aka Dave Ramsey will like that), and they had a bigger selection of toppings. 

The customer service was great too. Even when Camy broke the cookies and cream. Okay, she didn't really break it, but they fixed it really fast. 

I think we will be back here. Soon. Maybe tomorrow.