Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why I Love My Local Running Store...

The Moore tornado on May 20th hit not too far from where I lived from 6th grade until I graduated from high school. My junior high was damaged and neighborhoods that my friends lived in when we were in school took direct hits.

I was excited to help my favorite local running store OK Runner distribute shoes and apparel to people affected by the storms. The shoes were donated by individuals and running stores across the country. The clothes were donated by Brooks and Moving Comfort. I love Brooks. I have been running in their shoes since my first 5k and I have been proud to be a Brook Fanatic for the last few years.

I have never seen so many boxes of running apparel in my life.

There was box after box of shirts, shorts and jackets that we handed out.

I never thought I would love Brooks more than I already did, but I was blown away by this amazing company and their generosity.

On Friday I took these clowns with me. Carson, Hailey and Camy helped all afternoon handing out clothes. They had a great time and worked very hard.

Trey, Jerry, Tim, Rochelle, Tiffany and me.

Rochelle and I went back on Saturday and helped fit people in shoes and help load up all the remaining shoes.

Tim and Gus, they spent two days away from their Norman and Edmond stores to help show Moore a little love.

It is exactly this sort of thing that makes me love my local running store. It's a local small business that organized this huge event, not the big chain athletic stores. It's the small businesses that are going to be there for their community when it counts.

Need new running shoes? I recommend you go talk to the people at your local running store, they are there because they love running and I bet they will take care of you too.


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