Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let's Start With Some Music...

We decided to spend the first night of our vacation in Tulsa. Not only were we dropping off the pups, we got to listen to some pretty amazing music. 

Tedder, mentioned at the top of the flier is my sister-in-law's amazingly talented boyfriend. He plays or has played the saxophone in three of the four bands that were scheduled to play last night. 

I had never been able to see him play before and I am kicking myself. The event was a fundraiser, raising funds for Ryan (boyfriend) and Jordan (sister-in-law) who are moving to Chicago in a couple of weeks. I would pack up and move with them in a heartbeat because I love Chicago, but sadly their new place is pretty small. 

Back to last night. 

The first band features a cello, banjo, saxophone (Ryan) and a rapper. I was skeptical but it worked and they were very good. 

This is Ryan, yes he was wearing a tuxedo, with the third band. He had never played with them before and he sounded amazing with these guys. 

Jordan had some her friends from Studio 7 Fitness, where she has developed some amazing abs pole dancing come out and perform during the show. She has sure come a long way from the eight year old she was when I first met her 21 years ago!

Carson with the worlds best mother-in-law. 

Josh and the girls. They enjoyed their first show. I think they are ready for Wilco tomorrow. 

We are almost to Memphis, had some serious traffic outside of Little Rock that slowed us down. 

More to come...

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