Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dirty 30…

So I decided to sit this race out this weekend.

dirty 30 I had known for a while that I wasn’t going to be able to run it.  Even before my doctor told me I couldn’t run for four more weeks it was looking pretty doubtful that I’d be able to run it.  Then they moved Beer Sprocket from April because of bad weather and so I figured I wouldn’t be running this one.  I opted to be a little selfish and stay home and not go as a spectator.  The thought of watching everyone do another race I’ve registered for while I sit on the sidelines was not something I wanted to do this time around.

So I told Karen she could run it with my bib.  I was not giving up my t-shirt though.  That shirt cost me $50, and I know that it was for charity, but that doesn’t make me any less bitter about missing out on yet another race.  "*sigh*

So Josh headed up to Jen’s early on Saturday and they headed up for the race.

335Jen, Karen and Josh, before the race started.  If you look real close you can see my name on Karen’s bib.

And then the after:

337Apparently, Josh did a superman dive into the mud at the end and then did a mud angle.  From what I hear the crowd went wild.  I’m so proud. 


In other news, last week was the 20th anniversary of my senior prom, which happened to be my first date with Josh.  Wow, check out how young we look.  Check out those hair styles!  20 years, it seems crazy.

Who did you go to your senior prom with?

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