Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIAW #5...

My WIAW post this week will be What I Ate Monday.

Sunday was a glorious day.  I had no plans.  I went to the grocery store on Saturday (that hasn't happened in weeks!), I got my work out in Saturday morning (yoga, spin and a trip around the gym lunge-style) so on Sunday I could barely move. 

Josh and Carson headed up to Edmond to get some work done on the damaged car, and Camy decided to stay and hang out with me.  I think she thought it was going to be exciting.  What I got done on Sunday contributed to What I Ate Monday.


I made a fresh batch of English muffins, and I really think I am getting the hand of them.  You know, if you grease the English muffin rounds it works much better.  Next time will be awesome!  I also made a batch of spinach and mushroom individual fritatas.  So my breakfast sandwich had that, a fake sausage patty and some Laughing Cow cheese.

I also had a glass of this yumminess I found at Target on Saturday, Silk Fruit & Protein.  I love Silk Almond Milk.  The Dark Chocolate is amazing, and I use the unsweetened instead of milk in everything.  Camy and I spotted this Saturday and just had to give it a try.  It was so good!  Tastes like a smoothie, kinda creamy and kinda fruity.  I will definitely keep this in my fridge.  I think it could be a great after workout beverage too.


Leftover orzo with veggies that I made the end of last week.  I also had an apple and a piece of cheese and one of my new White Chocolate Chip Nutella cookies.  I did this experimental cookie baking on Sunday as well and the white chocolate chips really cut through some of the richness of all that chocolate in a good way.
Afternoon Snack:

Of course I had pistachios.  I can't say anything more about it.  I also had a Luna Bar before spin class.  I am glad I did, I don't think I could have made it through that class without it.


I started with a salad.  I even made one to have in my lunch today, in case you were wondering what I was eating on Tuesday.  I bought this Archer Farms Raspberry Acai Vinaigrette Salad Dressing a while back and have been having it on all salads ever since.  It's really good.

Camy requested mac and cheese for dinner so instead of leftover spaghetti from Sunday I decided to make some from scratch.  I almost forgot to take a picture of it.

In all it was a pretty yummy day.  Clearly I was carb loading for some unknown race I must be doing. 

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