Monday, May 7, 2012

What We Did This Weekend...

Friday night rolled around and I was worn out from the week.  Instead of cooking dinner, which I don't seem to be doing very much of lately we loaded up the car and headed out to Red Robin for dinner.


I'm not gonna lie to you, the fries were good, but my veggie burger was less than stellar.  The pics at the table might have been the best part of the meal.  Afterwards we went to Ross in search of a Nike bathing suit for me, but the suits I tried on were even worse than the veggie burger. 

We headed home and I was in bed way earlier than everyone else in my family.  I had to get up early to go help out my friend Patti with the 5k that she organized.

Art and Sole, it was their first race, and while the volunteer shirt was not my best color, the race was a success.  

Rochelle and I showed up at 6:30 to help in whatever way we could.  For me, I got to go help set up the water stops, and Rochelle helped with walk up registration.

We then headed over to our spot on the route, after a pit stop for coffee.  I sure wish I had gotten a picture of Ro running across the parking lost with her cup of hot coffee.  Oh well, next time.
We got to our spot in time to see Scott (in green) fly past us, with Conner not far behind.  These guys are amazing!  Scott was the first male across the finish line, Conner won his age group and then instead of sticking around for awards they went for a long run.

 After all of the 5k participants finished, Rochelle and I headed back out for the 2k and got to see a ton of super cute kiddos run past us.  Including Austin, who had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the start of the race.  His Vans apparently couldn't keep up with his speediness and he ran right out of one of them.

He got it together and ran a great race.

Patti, in her beautiful yellow t-shirt even came by during the 2k.  What a race director!

I headed home afterwards and instead of laying down and taking a nap, headed over to the Y for some weights and the elliptical.  My arms are even more sore today!  I love that.

Camy stayed at a friend's house Saturday night, so Josh and Carson and I headed to Subway and Chipolte to get take out for dinner.  Then we hit up Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt.  I love self serve frozen yogurt, but I am disappointed in the options we have in Norman.  Passion Berri was the first place we tried, and it's okay, not anything I would go out of my way for.  The girls and I discovered Cherry Berry in Moore a while back and I fell in love with it.  Their chocolate is to die for.  Orange Leaf wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great either.  (In my opinion.)  I do like the rewards card, but I doubt we go back there.  We got our take out and froyo and headed home and watched Iron Man, the girls are excited to see The Avengers so we thought we'd give Carson a little of the back story on at least one super hero.

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to Lake Thunderbird for a trail run that was benefiting Relay for Life.  Rochelle and I ran the 10K last year and it was so much fun, I knew I wouldn't be running, but Josh and I took the girls out and we planned on walking some of the trails instead.
Me, Rochelle and Ann.
 Here's the pictures I took while we did our trail walk...

This was a big hill we had to climb up.  We just went out and back, and when we went out Carson and I opted for the by-pass to avoid going down this hill.  Then on the way back we missed the by-pass and had to go up the hill. 

This picture was supposed to showcase the hill, I couldn't get Camy to move her head over so we could see both Josh and Carson.  

 Before we knew it we were at the finish, or at the start again.  Not sure how far we actually walked, but we were out there for about an hour.  I am happy to report that other than my legs being sore from walking farther than I have in ages, my leg feels great.  I am on day four with out the boot or the crutches and I am heading back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon.  I think I'll get cleared to start running again.  The idea of which is very exciting and terrifying.  It's been so long since I've been able to run, I wonder if my body will remember how.  *sigh*

All in all, a great weekend.  We even managed to hit up Target on the way home so we have food at our house.  Week night grocery trips are the pits.

We only found two tics (one on Josh, one on Carson) when we got home, and nobody fell down.  Unless you count Rochelle, who fell twice out there and was the first woman to finish the 10K.  She got a t-shirt for her efforts, and I am quite jealous about that.  I hear they do another no chip, no timing, no rules trail run in the fall with a chili cook-off.  I'm so there!  I'll be practicing up my chili on Thursday for a chili cook-off at work to raise some money for our Corporate Challenge fundraiser, so we'll see how that goes.

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