Monday, November 5, 2012

Am I Injured?

After all the wonderful food on the cruise, I thought I would be ready to kick it into gear.

Kim and Kelsey and I all signed up for the Fit 45 class at The Athletic Loft.

The class is nine weeks, four evenings a week. Strength twice a week with cardio the other two.

Three weeks into it and my body doesn't seem to be liking the new exercise program. The strength sessions have been good, except for all the jumping jacks we did on Monday. The cardio sessions don't seem to agree with me. Hoping up and down makes my knees and ankles angry.

I thout I could just deal with it until this week. We did lots of abs last Sunday, with only a little jumping round, but by Monday my right knee started feeling achy on the outside below my knee. I managed to get through Monday night's class and 6.6 miles of hills Tuesday morning and a 6 mile run on Thursday. I ended up going to the free Thursday night yoga class at the new Lululemon Showroom because traffic was so bad.

All the while my knee was just achy. I decided to go talk to my favorite running expert and he suspects that my IT band is a little angry with me. Apparently when I decided to go all out downhill last weekend at the race, and then did jumping jacks, lunges and squats at bootcamp my body wanted to remind me that I can't do it all.

So I have been icing, spending time with my foam roller, and taking it easy on the downhills. I am thinking that Fit45 and half marathon training don't go we'll together. My new plan is to get in the pool once or twice a week, yoga a couple of times a week (yeah for free Thursday night yoga at Lululemon!), and rumor has it my friend Patti will be doing Pilates at OK Runner on Wednesday night.

I habe also been told that running the stadium stairs would be really good for building strength in my legs so I might have to fit that in somewhere. As for running, I like that we have only been running three days a week. The 6.6 hill route we have done the last couple of weeks is definitely going to help with Tulsa and the second 6 mile run in the mornings has made me okay with just three runs a week.

Two weeks until my first half since Cowtown in February and I am confident that I can have a strong run even while dealing with my IT band. I have focus for my training now and I'm going to try to stick with it. After Tulsa I plan to sit down and decide what marathon I want to train for.

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