Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Tracks 5k...

#RWrunstreak day 3.

Last Thanksgiving I ran my first Thanksgiving themed 5k, today I ran the Turkey Tracks 5k with some friends.

Like last year's race it followed the Route 66 half marathon. My legs were pretty beat up after Sunday's race, we ended up running a 6.5 mile hilly route on Tuesday morning and my legs were angry the rest of the day. Wednesday was a flat 5 mile run and it did a lot to help me recover.

I was excited that the race didn't start until 9 this morning, it's nice to sleep in a little on a Thursday. I meet Kim and Dwight at their house and we headed downtown.

Kim and Dwight

Kim and I

Dwight, Kim, me, Jesica and her friend Jennifer

Me, Ben and Kim. Ben ran the marathon in Tulsa Sunday and we convinced this would be fun.

Who wouldn't want their picture taken with this guy?

It was a beautiful morning, just a little windy, and before we knew it we were off. My splits from my Garmin were pretty good, 7:38, 7:31 and 8:15. The last mile included a hill on Broadway that was straight into some pretty mean wind. At one point my pace was around 9:30. I was the 37th woman overall with an official time of 24:28, 4th in my age group.

We hung around at the finish and got to see some friends.

This English bulldog was too cute to not take his picture.

I even saw a David, he was on our team for the Ragnar Relay in Colorado. He just ran the Las Vegas race two weeks ago. Yes, I am very jealous.

It was a mini high school reunion, my friend Chad was in town from Savannah, I think he convinced me that I need to come to Savannah for the Rock n Roll race.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out. Josh was painting, and fixing this disaster of a painting decision.

Josh even ran his first mile of the #RWrunstreak. Tomorrow I think we will finish painting, and by we I mean Josh, and it'll be time to get out the Christmas decorations.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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