Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIAW, Cruise Food...

It's been awhile since my last WIAW post, and I decided I needed to recap some of what we ate on our cruise. Let me first day that the food was amazing, Disney sure did a good job.

I would have felt a lot more guilty had I not gotten up and ran five mornings of the week.

First I'll start with breakfast. We ate at the buffet all but one morning, when we had breakfast with Mickey Mouse.

I liked the eggs better when I had them made special for me. Not pictured is the watermelon I ate at every meal I could.
Carson's favorite breakfast was Mickey waffles with bacon. The waffles were good, I preferred them to the French toast.

Post long run breakfast. I ran three miles four days in a row, but after I missed a run on Thursday I decided to have a long run on Friday so I got six miles in. The watermelon and grapes were good, I still don't like grapefruit even on vacation.

Lunch at the buffet was similar to this each day. A little bit of everything. I love having a salad bar every day, the chickpeas were something I always consider adding to a salad but never did before now. The girls loved that they could have chicken strips or pizza for lunch every day.

Dinner each night was pretty fancy, the service was excellent. There were always vegetarian options, but I had some selfish during the week.

Caesar salad at dinner.

Lentils with portobello mushrooms.

Grilled shrimp appetizer at Parrot Cay.

Creamy mushroom soup.

Lobster at Parrot Cay, I forgot to get a picture before taking it out of the shell.

Creamy tomato bisque at Lumiere's the last night.

The highlight of each meal had to be dessert. I am a huge fan of dessert, and think most meals should end with something sweet. Even with all the fabulous desserts we visited the soft serve ice cream station multiple times a day.

Each night they offered a trio of desserts in case you couldn't decide on just one.
Chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.
My favorite desserts usually have chocolate in them. I can say I was never disappointed with dessert.

At dinner each night the menu had a few recommended alcoholic beverages. The best part of the cruise was that we didn't ever have to drive anywhere.

The girls liked the banana and vanilla smoothies they could order at dinner.
Each day there was a drink of the day. The Mai tai was my favorite.

It's a good think I wasn't counting calories on the boat, I might not have been able to sleep at night. Oh what I would give to have someone to cut up fresh fruit for me every day.

I can't wait to go on another cruise.



  1. Aaaw,Mickey Mouse waffles! I'd totally go for these as well. So cute! :) And that tomato bisque... I want!
    I hope you had a good time!

  2. mmm all looks great! the food on the cruises - theres always so much choice and options!

  3. Nice shakes. i want to have all of them Dhow cruise Dubai