Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Route 66 Half Marathon Recap...

This was my third time running half at the Route 66 Marathon. It was my first half marathon two years ago, and we went back and had a much improved run last year.

As with any race there are pros and cons. This year I was again impressed at how well run this event is. From the packet pick up at the expo to the organized corral system at the race start. The OKC Memorial Marathon could learn a lot about how to have a more organized start at their race.

I must say that the Memorial earns high marks in my opinion for the ability to defer an entry due to injury. Tulsa was supposed to be my sister Karen's first half marathon, she managed to break her fibula last week and got a shiny pair of crutches on Friday. She was basically out of luck and out her entry fee. I just think race directors should get it together, if a race like the Memorial can figure it out...

Anyway, After a nice 30 minute run around the neighborhood, I took Camy and Carson to the expo where we meet up with my sisters and two of my nieces. There was no line to pick up our packets, and imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that the race shirts were technical shirts. I would have loved long sleeve, but they were much better than the cotton shirts from the last two years.

This guy followed us around for a bit. We visited the OK Runner booth, and bought a few Sweaty Bands. My expo excitement has diminished a little over the last couple of years so we didn't stay too long.

We got a random stranger to take a picture on our way out.

We got back to Josh's parents' house just as Rochelle was getting there. Rochelle and I decided to go check out the European Waxing Center where Josh's mom works. All I have to say about that is Ouch!

After dinner we called it a night pretty early and went to sleep hoping that the great weather from Saturday would still be around on Sunday.

We had per race photos before we left to head to the start.

We were sporting our new OK Runner shirts in Thunder colors.
Followed by two goofy pictures. Josh had agreed to drive us, and he dropped us off near the gear drop and we headed to meet the rest of the OK Runner crew.

Kara, me, Rochelle, Kelsey, Laura and Lauren representing our favorite running store.

After a quick run we headed to the corrals. We were in corral A (gasp) and we had a few minutes to hang out there and chat about the weather and Laura running the marathon.

She didn't look nervous about the 26.2 miles she was about to run.

Before we knew it we were off. I had a plan prior to the start of the race but by the time I crossed the starting line I managed to throw it all out the window. {Spoiler Alert: it was not a very good move on my part.}

The first six miles of this race are hilly, and that was about as long as I felt good. Rochelle slowly got ahead of me around the first relay exchange and the wheels fell off shortly after that. I thought I would be able to catch back up after the hills but I was never able to. Apparently Ro thought I was still with her for a while because she was still talking to me even when I wasn't there.

I had my first walk break around mile 8 or so, and it wasn't like our normal walk breaks. I wasn't recovering so I could pick it back up after. I grabbed Gu from the water stop before we made out way back to Riverside and for the first time ever I actually felt nauseous after taking it. I felt like my stomach was completely empty.

Once you get to Riverside you run a couple miles down and then about three miles back to the finish line. It was a very long out and back, I did get to see some friends, and Laura caught me and passed me along there. I knew I was in trouble then.

It was along the river that my feet started to hurt. I didn't find out until later that this was part of my problem.

Not the best picture bit that is a blood blister that was on the side of my toe that ran along the bottom of my toe too. There was also another blood blister on the top of my pinky toe. It is not uncommon for me to have blisters on my toes but these were painful.

I made it to the final uphill to the finish line and found Rochelle waiting for me. She had an awesom PR run. My sister Jen came in shortly after and there were pictures.

We found Kelsey too, she was so close to finishing under two hours. I know she will get it next time.

It was not my best run race, it was about two minutes faster than last year, and I was so glad that the weather cooperated.

My official chip time was 1:56:34, I was 44th out of 361 in my age group. I am happy that I could go out and run 13.1 miles, after my injury earlier this year I had felt like my next half marathon would never happen. While I am not completely satisfied with my time I do think I learned from this race and it will help me be stronger for the next one.

I think it's only 95 days or so until Cowtown and I can't wait.

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