Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disney Cruise Day 7...

It hardly seemed possible that it was our last day at sea and we were headed back to Galveston and the real world. If you missed the other days you can find them here.

I got up and went for a run, and then the girls and I headed up to the buffet for breakfast. Josh headed to the spa for a real shave. It was amazing, I don't think his face has ever been that smooth.

We hung out at the pool for a while and watched Chicken Little on the big screen. When I was hot and ready to jump into the pool for a bit, Josh and I left the girls at the big kids pool and jumped in the adults only pool. It was so nice there! It was quiet and the chairs were more cushiony. I could have spent the whole week there.

We headed down to watch a game that was a lot like The Family Feud, and then I went out on deck 4 to just relax in the breeze. Carson came out to check on me and she said I was asleep that's how nice it was out there. After my short nap I headed back in where Josh and the girls were playing movie quote trivia. We would have won to if Josh had listened to me on a few questions.

Afterwards, they were having the final bingo sessions of the cruise. Bingo is a lot different than when Josh and I went with Granny. We had an electronic bingo card so all we had to do was sit there and yell Bingo if it told us to. The big pot was up over $6,000 and some little girl won it. Oh well, but we so would have booked another cruise if we had won.

Our last dinner was back in Lumiere's, where we ate on our first night. They brought out all the chefs at the end and then all the waitstaff came out with all the flags of their countries. I cannot say enough about Yudi and Patricia, they took such good care of us all week.

After dinner we went to the final show, and then made our last trip to the soft serve ice cream machine. I don't know what Cam is going to do without her three ice cream cones a day. We packed up our big suitcases and then Josh and I headed out to an adults only trivia game. It was pop culture but it was kinds cheesy so we didn't stay long.

The boat made it back to Galveston pretty early and my only complaint is that when the boat was pulling into port, or dropping anchor, it is quite noisy. After one last trip through the buffet line for breakfast it was time to kick us all off the boat.

What a great week. We get so busy in our everyday life that we don't all get to sit down and have most meals together. It was nice to be able to do that for a whole week. Maybe next time we can be sure and have some cousins with us so we can take advantage of some more of the adults only activities on the boat. It was a fantastic trip, one I hope my girls never forget.

Now back to the real world.

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