Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Chocolate Chip Cookies...

The last few weeks I have discovered that I love avocados.

I have eaten quite a few of these hard boiled egg and avocado sandwiches on the way to work the last few weeks. Yummy. I have been looking for new ways to incorporate avocados into other meals during the day.

I saw a reipe for Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies on Eat, Live, Run. This blog post got me thinking about how to incorporate avocados into my own chocolate chip cookies.

When I got home from the race expo yesterday afternoon I decided to put my knowledge of chocolate chip cookies to the test and whipped up my own avocado infused chocolate chip cookies.

Along with an avocado, I also added ground oats and flax seed. Of course, I had to use semi sweet and dark chocolate chips. I mean, they are chocolate chip cookies after all. I baked the first dozen to see how they baked, and discovered that they don't flatten on their own. They remained in the same shape. I flattened out the rest of them before they went in the oven, and that was a little messy. The dough was a little sticky.

I just have to say, these cookies are amazing. You can't taste the avocado, and the texture with the ground oats and flax seed is fantastic. They are moist and chewy and chocolaty. The girls and Josh all really like them, and had no idea they had an avocado in them until I revealed my secret ingredient. Now I can't wait to see where else my beloved avocados will turn up.

Stick around and I will let you know.


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