Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foodie Penpals July Reveal...

For July I got to send a box to Darylnn at Little Blog Dress. An example of how small the world is Darylnn used to date a member of the band the Nixons and has been to Norman, Oklahoma. Does anyone remember their song Sister? Loved it.

Anyway. My Foodie Penpal this month was Jennie at The Messy Baker Blog. Her blog is so cute. I must make her Chocolate Banana Cake Batter Shakes. I just love the day when my box comes in the mail. It was like Christmas in July.

this box was full of goodies from Trader Joes. It makes me sad that we are so lacking in good grocery store options here in Oklahoma.

I can't wait to make the Bismati Rice Medley. It's only been about a million degrees here so cooking is not so much fun. I keep thinking that it's gonna cool off soon. It can't stay this hot forever.

The coconut bonbons were dark chocolate and very yummy. Carson liked that they were dark chocolate. Then there was the Cookie Butter. This might be my new favorite thing. The fact that I can't get it here in Oklahoma makes me very sad. We just like it by the spoonful, it said to eat it on pancakes so Camy has it on her waffle and said it was awesome.

Two kinds of salsa were in the box too. The double roasted salsa is already gone.

Salsa in a breakfast burrito with two egg whites, fake sausage, blue potatoes and Laughing Cow Cheese. The perfect breakfast on the go. I even managed to not spill any on me on the way to work.

The last bit of yummy goodness was three Larabars. I had the apple pie flavored one the other day and I was surprised that it had only real food in it. Nothing I had never heard of. I usually stick to my Luna Bars but I'm gonna have to pick some more of these up.

Again it was a very good month and I can't wait to see what comes next month.


  1. So is the Cookie Butter like Biscoff spread? I ate a whole jar in a week, just using a spoon. I cannot have it in my house ever again....

    1. I'm not sure I it's the same or not. It is so good, I swear there is a cookie recipe in there somewhere.