Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Running in June...

I thought I should recap my running from June. I started running again after I got released by my doctor post-injury. On one hand I was quite nervous about running again, on the other I was so sick of not running and was ready to get back out there.

Here's how the month ended up.

Total miles for the month were 38, that's the smallest total for the months I was able to run in the last twelve months. I'll take it though. I am feeling stronger every week and I have big plans for the months ahead that don't just involve running.

Will I make it to my goal of a thousand miles in 2012? Right now I would say probably not, but no matter what happens I am looking forward to the journey.

Running is hard, not running is harder. I'm glad I'm back out there pounding the pavement. I would like to not pound the pavement with my entire body, I'm working on staying on my feet now.

Run happy.


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