Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Running is Dangerous...

I got up to meet my friend Ro for a run this morning. It was just the two of us and we decided to sleep in and meet at 5:30 at the Y.

The most important part of our story has to be the construction going on in Norman. Robinson is open but Flood is closed south of the Y, so there was more traffic on the route we run from the Y to get to Robinson.

Because of this we had to run on the left side of the street {the right side}, instead of the right side {the wrong side} where we usually run. When we were almost to Robinson we crossed the street to turn right. It was here that there was a small bump in the road that I couldn't manage to pick my foot up enough to get over.

I fell flat on the pavement, in true baseball style. You might remember the spill I took last August, this was much worse. I laid there on the mildly gravely road for a moment and assessed that I hadn't broken anything and then Ro helped me get back up.

The hardest part was that we headed back to our cars. Going on just didn't seem a wise decision. We had only gone .80 mile and when we got back to the parking lot to our usual stopping point we had gone a whopping 1.5 miles in about 22 minutes. I have said before that if you are gonna run any less than a 5k it's not worth getting your clothes dirty. I was a little disappointed in the painful turn of events.

Here's my left hand.

And my right.

A little road rash on my left arm.

And my left knee. The site of my most recent knee surgery, but thankfully not the same leg as my stress fracture.

My left knee isn't scratched up as horribly as it could be, but it is quite swollen. I don't think there is any internal damage, I can hear Josh saying "It's just a flesh wound".
In response to the pictures I posted on Facebook, I got this text from my brother.
It's funny that I am so afraid of falling on my bike and I have only done that once but I haven fallen while running twice in the last year.
True friends will pick you up when you fall down and either run on with you, or walk you back to the car.

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