Monday, July 16, 2012

Norman Conquest 2012...

Last weekend we instead of going for a long run in the brutal heat we decided to get out our bikes and get in a ride. Rochelle and I took pictures while we waited for Patti to get to our meeting spot.
How cute is her Arizona top?
I, of course ride in a running shirt. I do have the shorts though. We rode about 28 miles, some of them pretty darn hilly to get ready for this weekend.
Saturday was the Norman Conquest bike ride. Kendra and I rode it last year, this year Rochelle and Patti and I signed up to do the 22 mile hilly route. {The longer the ride the more hilly it is, the 22 mile was hard bit not like we were gonna die.}

Of course there were pre-ride pictures.

And rest stop pictures.

I stole this picture from the OK Runner Facebook page, Patti took them. This was about five miles into the ride. Craig was seriously in the weeds when we got there.

The best part about bike events? They are so laid back, no timing chips, no timing period. Everyone stops at the rest stops, and they have fruit and cookies and even pickles.

Patti got some action shots when she was waiting for us to catch up to her. We weren't being slackers, we just weren't being speedy like Patti was.

Action shot number two. You can't tell, but we were kinda dying here. It was hilly out there.

The second best part of the bike event? After you finish and they don't give you your time they feed you. Burgers, {even veggie burgers}, hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans and even cookies.

Ross did the ten mile town ride with Austin, and he went and picked up Avery so they could eat with us.

Austin was a junior police officer that day.

Avery took this picture on my phone. She also took this one...

Such a funny girl. Later in the afternoon we all went swimming and Avery wanted to see behind my sunglasses, she said she knew it was me, she just wanted to make sure.

It was a fun day, and I am loving being on my bike. Can't wait for the next ride.

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