Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 4th...11 Days Later...

The girls were in Virginia for July 4th and from what they say there was a bush and a small fire. I haven't confirmed this. Our holiday was much less exciting.

We saw fireworks at The Trails on Tuesday night. We meet up with Abby, Brian, Ross, Rochelle, Austin and Avery at The Garage for some pre-fireworks fueling.

Avery sat by me. She is such a funny kid.

After we ate we headed out to check out the festivities before the show.

There were club specials for the grown-ups and snow cones for the little people.

How about those boots?

As the sun went down we picked a spot and then watched the fireworks.

The moon was crazy bright, too bad the picture is crazy awful.

I got up on the 4th and headed out to meet Abby, Rochelle, Patti and Cliff for a run at 7:30. It was horrible. It was hot and it was 5 pretty horrible miles. I have had some much better runs since then, which is good because I wanted to quit forever at that point.

We did dinner at the Brown's that night. I should have taken a picture of the amazing black bean burger Ro made just for me, but it vanished too quickly. Take my word for it, it was wonderful.

It was a nice holiday, too bad it had to fall on a Wednesday.

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