Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally, Lets Talk Leg #3...

After two legs and a really long time in the van, we got to exchange 24. We got some rest, or not, in the van or on the gym floor and before we knew it we could take off the reflective gear. Jerry was ready to take off on the first of our final legs.


Remember that horrible hill that Patti had to run on her first leg? This was not much better for Jerry. After running up the hill he had to run up a much worse hill, although it was shorter, to make it to the exchange.

His teammates in van #1 had a great time waiting for him.

I cannot confirm or deny that any thing went missing from this particular exchange.

Then Kelsey got to run through some beautiful cow pastures.

It was nice that it was warming up by this time and we got to enjoy some beautiful views.

For Patti's last leg she got to run down a really big hill. She decided that Abby needed to go with her.

Then I was up for my super short final leg. Only 2.1 miles and very flat. Finally, I got to run a leg with other people and I even managed to have three kills. Scotty meet me before the exchange and ran the end with me, then he took off super speedy-like and we raced to the next exchange.

Next up was Rochelle for her final leg.

I didn't get a good picture of Ro during her last leg, but I got a picture of this guy...


What a horrible costume to run in. I even meet a girl at this exchange that graduated from OU, what a small world.

Exchange 30 is where we handed off to van #2. This exchange was at a middle school and we had an opportunity to take showers I decided to pass on the community shower with scalding hot water.

Scotty took off with van #2 to help cover some legs for injured runners, and the rest of us headed to Snowmass to wait at the finish line. I did get a little sleep in the van on the way. When we got parked and I got out of the van I was immediately light headed. I don't know if I'd ever get used to the altitude.

We hung out, got some food and then about 27 hours and 30 minutes after we started this crazy journey John was making his way to the finish line.


You don't even want to know how crazy hard the final leg of this race was.

Jerry, Robyn, Patti, Rochelle, Kelsey, me, Scotty and Monica

GRobyn, Rochelle and Tiffany

The medals were some serious hardware. They are also bottle openers, because what would you need more after a race that lasted 188 miles through the mountains of Colorado than a beer?

Still to come, just some odds and ends from our awesome weekend, and then there is the whole Redman thing...


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