Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Redman Triathlon...

Just the highlights right now, but I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday. I don't think I did too bad.

Becky Craig.


Congratulations On Your Finish
Here Are Your Ultramax Sports Personalized Results

Race Name/DistanceOlympic
Overall Place131
Division NameF3539
Division Place4
Gender Place40

Swim Time32:50
Swim Pace2:01
Transition 15:34
Bike Rate16.5
Transition 23:26
Run Pace8:47

Finish Time3:17:53

In a regular Olympic distance Tri the bike should be 24 miles. Because of route limitations it was long at 28 miles, trust me on lap four I was wishing it was four miles shorter.

Lake Hefner was very low because of the lack of rain all summer. They used the alternate swim location, and it was so shallow that there was a part that we had to walk instead of swim. As a person who has never had a love for lakes, the slimy bottom was not only hard to walk on,but it completely freaked me out. I never imagined that 1000 meters would take me over 30 minutes. I only got kicked in the face once.

My transitions were not super speedy, the first one involved a trip to the port-o-potty. I certainly wasn't going to go in a borrowed wetsuit. There were quite a few women in our wave that talked about going before we started.

I am very happy with my run time. I was tired, and there was a few walk breaks, it was only about 80 degrees out but the sun was blazing.

It was a great race. I think there is a Half Ironman coming up for me in 2013. I sure will train more for it.

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