Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brookhaven 5k...

This was my fourth year running the Brookhaven 5k, you can see last year's recap here. Not sure what happened to the pictures in that post.

Anyway, today is September first and it was time for my first race since Cowtown. I was a little bummed yesterday when I was thinking that I was gonna have to run it solo, turned out that Ro and Laura were there with me. It was funny, Josh had been thinking he was gonna come if I didn't have anyone to run with. He and the girls used to come watch me run 5k's.

Ro and I got there early and became those runners that we've always made fun of. We ran two easy miles before the race, it was a nice 9:45 pace and I was a little worried about how it was gonna go.

It was hot out, and our usual photographer was out of town. We ran into Jeanne and had her take a pre-race picture for us.

I already looked like a hot sweaty mess.

So we visited with some fellow runners (I love Brookhaven for that) and lined up at the start. I ran this race a lot smarter than last year, my splits were a lot more even. My miles were 7:45, 7:48 and 7:54.

My official chip time was 24:36, which is almost the same as last year. I was 6th out of 47 in my age group and 58 out of 399 women overall. Not a bad start to September.

I came home and iced my feet.

And had some leftover pizza.

Now, I'm hoping to get a brick workout in this weekend and get packed to leave for Colorado on Wednesday.



  1. Congrats on your run! I am currently fighting posterior tibial tendonitis, so I haven't been able to run for a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to running again. : )

    1. It's so hard to fight through injury! Good luck on your recovery!