Thursday, September 13, 2012

Van #1, Runner #4...

So I have already talked about the numbers, so let's talk about the fun. Based on our projected average pace we were scheduled a later start time. Since we were van 1 we headed to Brekenridge to set off at noon. It was a little intimidating to start with five other teams when four of the teams were ultra teams. (An ultra team only had six members instead of 12, that'll make you feel like a slacker.)

Do you think Kelsey and I look intimidated?

I can only tell that this picture was from the start because I look like I had recently had a shower here. We were kind of cold before the race start. It was cloudy and a little windy, when the sun was out we were fine, but then it would go back behind the clouds and we would be cold again.

And then we were off! Jerry made it through his first leg, and then Kelsey had a little rain for her's. Patti was up next and set off to run straight up a hill that was almost two miles long. By hill I mean mountain, and the almost two mile distance is not an exaggeration.

We did have a nice place to take pictures waiting at the top to cheer her on again.

We had a pit stop, one with a gas station bathroom instead of a port-o-potty, and then another cheering pit stop before we made it to exchange three. There was a port-o-potty pit stop there too, I was nervous.

When it was my turn to run, I took off and felt pretty good for about half a second. The elevation was a little over 9,000 feet and it was really hard to breathe. I ran for 6.5 miles with a side stitch that I just could not breathe through. This lead to quite a bit of walking on the uphill portions of my leg. Though my uphill portions were nowhere near what some of my teammates endured.

I love that they got a picture of Ro laying on the ground taking my picture. I thinking I pulled off not looking like I was dying here. I did get some sunshine on this leg, and I got some beautiful views of Lake Dillon. Of course, I ended the leg with a very steep uphill climb, but it seemed all too quickly my first leg was over and I handed off the slap bracelet to Scotty.

Scotty took off like the bad ass he is and busted out his leg in no time. We almost didn't get to cheer for him because he was too fast for us. We meet up with him at exchange five and the Rochelle was off for a hill that was about seven miles long and took us to Vail where van 2 was waiting for us.

We stopped on the way for an ice bath, and a cheering station. That water was cold, but it sure made our feet feel great.

It was great to see van 2 when we made it to Vail.

Kelsey, me, Robyn, Patti, Tiffany, John, Monica, Steve, David, Scotty and Jerry. We were waiting for Ro to meet us at the top of the hill. Kind of makes you feel bad knowing we were hanging out while she was killing herself on a massive mountain.

She made it to the top and we had some pictures.

Van 1 with Lance. He had a great time as route support for both vans. And then the girls of van 1 with our asweome shirts. Yeah, we were looking good.

Then, while John was running up to Vail Pass and an elevation of about 10,800 feet (the highest for a Ragnar ever), and then Steve set off for a nine mile trek straight downhill that he ran in an hour, (a freaking hour!) we got food and then headed to wait at exchange 12 for van 2 to hand off to us again.

Next time we will talk about leg 2, the middle of the night legs.


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