Friday, September 21, 2012

Redman, I Must Be Crazy...

Back in May when I made cupcakes for Beer Sprocket, I had a chance to talk to my BIL's boss who is the race director for the Redman Triathlon. We talked about how they were wanting to get some higher calorie foods for the finish line. He said we could do a trade out, cookies for two entries into the Olympic distance triathlon.

Fast forward to September. It's been a busy month, after three months off in the spring, I decided to make up for it in one month. Brookhaven, Ragnar, the Tie Dye Tri and now Redman. There is only one person crazy enough to tackle all of this with me, that would be Rochelle.

Everyone needs that friend that you can take your crazy ideas to and they will always say yes.

So I baked about 400 cookies this week.

I boxed them up last night.

I'm gonna deliver them this afternoon. After that I'll probably be even more nervous than I already am, and come Sunday I'll be trying not to freeze to death during my first open water swim.

This was part of the conversation I had with Ro yesterday. I think insanity loves company, because I sure don't think I could do all this on my own.

I don't know how I'm going to survive the next 48 hours.

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