Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tie Dye Tri #4...

Before I finish my many Ragnar recaps I have to talk about a little race I did this morning.

This is my fourth year participating in the Tie Dye Tri, you can read about the last three years here, here, and here. I was looking forward to the race this year, it's my third of four races this month and even though I haven't done a lot of cross training lately I have been feeling pretty strong lately.

I made plans to meet Ro when the transition opened at 5:30. I got my bike to the wonderful guys at Sun & Ski Sports for a last minute tune up and then we got our spot in the transition area set up.

Then there was time for self portraits.
In no time it was race time and I was lined up to swim. I was number 25 and I felt great in the pool. I passed two swimmers and would have passed a third if the guy had not blocked me out in the last 100 yards. So frustrating. My swim time was 8:39 which was the fourth fastest swim time.

I used a new approach to transitions this year. I didn't dry off at all. I just pulled on my Injinji socks, my bike shoes and helmet and I was off. I loved the new bike route this year, I hope they keep it for next year. The hills were tough, but it was nice to have some downhills, the old route was just flat and boring. My time on the bike was 41:25 which was almost two minutes faster than last year.

I made it back to the transition, threw on my Revenna's, visor and my Garmin and I was off. The beauty of the run during a Tri is that after you get off the bike you can't feel your legs. If you can't feel them then they can't hurt, right? Well mine worked pretty good for me today. My run time was 24:15, eight fastest run time and faster than my 5k run at Brookhaven two weeks ago.

This was the home stretch.

This one is Rochelle taking off on the run after taking a spill on her bike heading back into the transition. She is crazy awesome! After that she busted out an exact same run time as me.

I finished third in my age group, and fifth woman overall. Makes me wish there weren't so many crazy fast women in my age group.

The best part about today? These people...

That's Camy's head behind Josh. She was so not up for pictures today.

Patti, Kelsey, Abby, Brayden and Kendra all came out to cheer us on. Not pictured here was Brian, Bob and Cliff. There is nothing better than friends that will get up early to come show their support.
I love these girls!
What a great Sunday.

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