Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIAW Redman Edition...

So let's talk WIAW and the Redman Triathlon.

We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon for some nieces and nephews. Its crazy how many birthdays we have in September. I waited to eat after we left the party and we stopped by Sandro's for some pasta.

I got the penne with marinara sauce. I could have sworn I took a picture of it but maybe in my crazy nervousness I might have imagined it.

I had a banana before we left the house Sunday morning and a peanut butter and honey sandwich a couple hours before the race started. Those would be the most boring food pictures ever.

After the race Rochelle and I stocked up at the food tent before we headed home. After my shower, and a little ice for my feet I was ready to eat.

The peanutbutter and jelly graham cracker sandwich was amazing. When we did the Breast Cancer 3-Day in Chicago in 2006 they had these and we ate them for three days, they were just as yummy Sunday.

By dinner time I was starving, so I ate the rest of the pasta I didn't eat on Saturday night.

There was lots do Nuun in my water bottle the rest of the day as well. I was a little dehydrated after the race.


  1. Can't ever go wrong w/ leftover pasta! I swear it tastes even better reheated.

    1. I have to agree,it's even better when someone else cooked it for me. :-)