Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ragnar Colorado 2012...

This is the first of multiple posts to recap this weekend. I thought I'd start with the actual miles and then go from there.

I was Runner #4, here are the stats from my three legs.

Leg 1--6.57 1:03:44

Leg 2--5.88 51:23

Leg 3--2.1 16:47

Total miles:14.55

Total time: 2:11:54

Total pace: 9:03

In all I am really happy how the race went, considering the altitude and the mountains I think it was fabulous.

Our team finished 28th out of 164 teams, in our division we were 13 out of 97 with a total time of 27:29:10. That's an average pace for more than a day of running as 8:46.

This picture was taken on Thursday afternoon when we meet the California and Utah portion of team Starbucks All-Stars/OK Runner. The back is Monica, John, Tiffany, Patti, Steve and Bob. Middle is Rochelle, Robyn, me and Jerry. In the front is Scotty, Lance and Craig.

I can't say enough about this weekend was and how great this team was. More recaps to come I just have to get over my Ragnar hangover.


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