Monday, March 26, 2012

In the Pool…

So instead of running on Saturday morning I hit the pool at the Y.  While I didn’t do any speed work or sprinting, I did get some distance going.

I did 2500 yards total.  My workout looked like this:

100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 300 freestyle, 400 alternating backstroke and freestyle, 500 freestyle, 400 alternating backstroke and freestyle, 300 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle.

It was a good workout and I sat in the sauna for a little bit afterwards.  My sauna experience was ruined by a guy in the sauna who was a mouth breather.  It made my sauna experience not so relaxing and I only stayed in for about five minutes before I gave up on it.

The best part of my workout was my new Speedo goggles that I picked up recently.  Camy stole my last pair and recently when I was at Academy stocking up on gloves and ear warmers for almost nothing I stopped by the swim section and picked up a new pair.


They were awesome!  They were very comfortable and stayed put very well.  Best of all, they didn’t fog through my entire workout.  I swam for almost an hour and I didn’t take them off once.  There is nothing I hate worse than foggy goggles.  They were worth every cent.

No word from my doctor about my MRI results yet so I have no idea how long I’ll be suffering through my new boot.  I have a feeling I’m going to have plenty of opportunity to wear my new goggles coming up.

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