Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals...Take Two...

I signed up to be a foodie penpal, and sent a box to Martha from Rochester, NY.  I contacted her and found out that she's about my age and share's my passion for running.  She doesn't have her own blog so I invited her to write up a post for my blog about the goodies I sent her.

I got home from a weekend away and was so happy to find my Foodie Penpal package from Becky on my counter. It did not take long to open it as my two boys are always excited to see mail. Here is what was in our package:

Becky sent us some AWESOME homemade cookies! I have to admit my boys and I ate all but one cookie, which we let my husband have, in 3 days! They went fast and were so good Becky was kind enough to email me her recipe when I almost begged for it.

I was surprised at how thoughtful her package was. She sent us items from where she lives – the salsa, peanuts, and chocolate shaped like the state. I’ve tried the salsa and peanuts so far. Both good! She also knew that I’m a runner (my weekend away was to run a half marathon) and sent me some of her favorite running fuel. Honey Stinger chews and waffle (SO good!) and sports beans. My favorite though has got to be the Luna Peppermint Stick bar. I liked it so much it went on my grocery list and I stocked up.

Thanks Becky for a thoughtful and wonderful package!

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