Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nursing an Injury…

We had 18 miles on the calendar for yesterday and I was a little nervous about it, but after the 14 miles of hills + 6 miles the next day last weekend I felt like I was ready for a nice long run.
I had had some blister issues since Cowtown, and I made a mistake and switched up to a different set of insoles in my shoes this week.  I think I’ll be throwing those insoles away.
The run started out good.  We had a pretty good pace going on and we did an out and back from OK Runner.  We were at about 12.5 when we got back so we headed out for another out and back to get the additional 5.5 miles.
I should have stopped at the first sign of trouble, but I thought I could push through it.  I was wrong.  I started getting a sharp pain in the top of my right foot whenever I would pick my foot up.  A couple of times it was so sharp that I kind of thought my leg was going to give out on me.  My hamstring had been a little tight and them my calf started not feeling right.  I stopped a couple of times and tried to stretch it out.
I made it to 14.2 miles before I was done.  The feeling of quitting is not fun for me and I haven’t had a run I couldn’t finish since marathon training last year.  I was lucky to meet up with some other people in our group and got a ride back to the store.  I was very close to tears and called my friend Patti and she gave me the pep talk I needed at the time.
The pain is below my knee and the outside of my leg and into the top of my foot.  I headed home to my first ever ice bath.
I have soaked in Epsom salt before but have never done an ice bath.  I was a little scared because it sounds so cold, and rather painful.  I filled the tub with cold water and got in.  I’m not going to lie, it was not easy to sit down in that cold water.  Once I got in I added the ice and tried not to scream too loud.  I stayed in as long as I could and when I got out I immediately got in a nice hot shower.  That was pretty painful too.
I do still have pain and it has been hard to walk, but my feet seemed to recover nicely.  Maybe there is something to the ice bath.  I did soak later in my Epsom salt, that really is nicer I think.
I think that my problem might be nerve related, but I’m not 100% sure.  I am going to call my chiropractor in the morning and see if he can help.  The thought of not being able to run is enough to make me feel like I could have a panic attack, but I am trying to get past that.  I understand that injury is part of running but I am going to think positively that the chiropractor can help and that after just a few days off I will be back at my training.

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